Jin Hu

Executive Director and Partner
  • Wide business network with top rank Chinese financial institutes, health industrial groups and investors.

  • Research experience from life-science development and commercialization.

  • In-depth understanding and experience of big health industry markets and practice in both Sweden and China.

Fredrik Reinfeldt

  • Prime Minister of Sweden 2006 to 2014.

  • President of the European Council 2009.

  • Chairman of Liberalist Conservative Moderate Party 2003 to 2015.

  • Member of Swedish Parliament 1991 to 2014.

Göran Sjöberg

Head of Leverage Finance
  • 30 years experience from senior positions in finance and M&A.

  • 20 years experience in credit committees for corporate lending.

  • 10 years CEO of a financial institute lending to SME with a portfolio of SEK 1.5 Bn.


The NGT Approach

  • The NGT APPROACH is a proprietary operational toolkit, which plays a central role in every investment made by NGT Funds capitalizing on China market traction. The NGT APPROACH provides a consistent and structured support from origination to exit of an investment fully leveraging the China market opportunities, the NGT APPROACH delivers discipline and clarity to NGT Funds and management teams and enhances transparency to our portfolio companies, investors and exit partners. In so doing, the NGT APPROACH helps portfolio companies focus on how best to fulfil their China potential, highlighting risks and opportunities as they arise, so that challenges can be mitigated and benefits maximized. Structured to monitor key stages in the life of an investment, the NGT APPROACH is an essential support tool guiding the entry to the Chinese market as we strive to create sustainable value, accelerate growth and attract quality partners.

Active Value Creation

  • NGT investment approach is built around making a real difference for portfolio companies and investors in the NGT Funds – fully leveraging and capitalizing on China market traction and China appetite for segment innovation leaders. With a clear and consistent investment strategy, centered on active value creation from China market traction, NGT Funds invest in companies with the potential to become segment innovation leaders in China. NGT look for businesses with strong management teams and potential for fast growth. Working in partnership with management, we generate value in particular by driving operational improvement, expanding into new geographies and moving into adjacent product areas.

Fostering China Market Traction

  • NGT ambition is to build better technology businesses, capable of sustainable growth in the China market. With NGT support, portfolio companies can achieve their ambitions, leveraging access to financing and growth opportunities in China. The NGT approach turn promising technology and solution companies into segment innovation leaders and globally respected companies through accelerated market traction in China. NGT provides hands on support and expertise to successfully enter China market, expand their product offerings to satisfy China market, make selective acquisitions and drive earnings. Recognizing that successful market traction in China relies on strong relationships and trust, NGT work in close partnership with management, offering advice, professional expertise and financial support. NGT investment approach is based on ensuring success in China and we work tirelessly towards that end, offering encouragement and support in good times and in bad.

Sino-Nordic Investment Holdings Co., Limited

Sino-Nordic Investment Holdings Co., Limited is a joint-venture company between NGT Partners and Shenzhen Investment Holding Company Managing The Sino-Nordic Innovation And Technology Fund

Sino-Nordic Innovation And Technology Fund

  • The Sino-Nordic Innovation and Technology Fund is structured as a dual Fund enabling both Chinese and European strategic investors to invest within their respective mandates. The Fund itself has a flexible mandate designed to take advantage of a rapidly evolving China cross-border investment landscape, sourcing differentiated opportunities for our investors. The Fund is managed by a Nimble and Decisive team shaping and executing diverse opportunities.

City of Shenzhen

  • City of Shenzhen was appointed the first Special Economic Zone in China in 1980 and has since then developed into a global center for finance and innovation with a GDP of 600 billion USD (PPP). Shenzhen has fast transformed from a manufacturing towards high-technology entrepreneurship with a stock-exchange having a market capitalization of more than 150 billion USD. Shenzhen is ranked China’s most competitive city, and one of the most competitive in the world.

Investment Criteria

  • The Sino-Nordic Innovation and Technology Fund will deliver superior returns by leveraging the power of China market traction. NGT Funds only invests in targets with an untapped China opportunity. NGT Fund will look for opportunities in life science with the potential to become segment innovation leaders.

  • The typically aim is to become the biggest owner and fully take the lead for the China market traction.

Core Investment Values

  • The Sino-Nordic Innovation and Technology Fund core values provide the foundation for our investment and ownership processes. They are integral to the NGT Approach, and serve as guiding principles for all our investments. The Fund will invest in, and work with, the management teams of technology and solution companies with strong China market traction potential. The Fund aim to build lasting industrial value for the businesses they invest in

  • The Fund core values are:

    Cross-border integration – The Fund has a structured investment process ensuring full integration of team efforts across borders.

    Execution – The Fund emphasize execution in everything we do.

    Entrepreneurialism – The Fund strongly value entrepreneurial activity and value-creation processes.

    Ethical standards – The Fund adhere to high ethical standards regarding investment in, and management of, portfolio companies.


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